The Venti GMT watch celebrates Ennebi’s 20th anniversary.

It is a limited edition to 137 pieces, marked from 001/137 to 137/137 plus 6 off-the-shelf pieces marked from P1 to P6.

137 indicates the number of references Ennebi has made in twenty years of work.

Venti will have two kinds of dial, a Classic and a California, three hands (hours, minutes, seconds). The California dial is available in black (32 numbered watches) or in grey-white (35 numbered watches). The Classic dial is available in dark navy (35 numbered pieces) or in tobacco-brown (35 numbered pieces)

Write to to order your Venti


Deliveries will take place between February and March 2024, for Ennebi’s 20-year anniversary.

For those who can participate, the watch will be delivered by hand directly by Alessandro and Luciano during an event for close and “distant” friends.

  • GMT mechanical self-winding movement caliber 26
  • Functions: hours, minutes, second time zone, central seconds
  • 46mm titanium Ti 6Al 4V grade 5 case
  • Lug 24mm
  • Pressure-resistant and waterproof to 1000m water column
  • Ti 6Al 4V grade 5 titanium crown with 18kt gold NB medal
  • Watertightness on the crown ensured by 3 o-rings on the shaft
  • Sapphire crystal 4.1 mm
  • Titanium Ti 6Al 4V grade 5 pressure relief valve
  • Dial with luminescent numerals
  • Case back secured to the case with 6 stainless steel M1.4 DIN 912 screws
  • Left-turn unidirectional rotating bezel with 1-minute clicks
  • Removable from case without prejudice to watertightness
  • Yellow 18 kt gold index at 12 o’clock with luminescent dot on bezel

Download the technical sheet by clicking HERE

Its ruggedness and simple, clearly readable, dial make it an instrument to be used in particularly hostile environments. In daily use, Venti proves to be reliable and virtually indestructible.

It is equipped with a pressure relief valve that make Venti suitable for use in saturation diving.

Like the other Ennebi instruments, Venti is built with machine tool machining.

NOTA BENE: both the pressure relief valve and the bezel are removable with the tools supplied with the watch. Cleaning and possible replacement of the spring for the bezel snaps does not require a watchmaker.