Where does this name come from?

On the 4th of November 2016, it fell the fiftieth anniversary of the furious flood of the Arno river that caused several damages to the florentines and to the city of Firenze, a calamity that shocked and moved the whole world and pushed the international community to collect money or even to come to Italy to clean and rebuild the city. The Comitato (committee) Firenze 2016 project organized a series of scientific meetings, art conventions and photo expositions to remember that tragic day.

For more info, go to the Firenze 2016 project web page.

The Firenze 2016 watch is the Ennebi’s heart-felt way to remember that day, being the project’s logo on the dial at 12 o’clock, also considering that it was precisely next to the Arno river in the surroundings of the Ponte Vecchio bridge where everything started (see Ennebi’s history section).

Firenze 2016 comes with a ballpoint pen in grade-5 titanium and bronze designed by Alessandro Bettarini. The watch name is engraved on the clip and one bronze medal at each extremity, one with the Firenze 2016 project’s logo engraved on and the other with pen’s reference number, the same of Alessandro Bettarini’s technical drawing as in Ennebi’s tradition.

In the box, it is included a usb pen with two connectors, one for computers and the other specifically for smartphones and tablets: Ennebi offers all the articles, scientific papers and texts written (in english) by the Comitato Firenze 2016. There is also a letter written by Franco Zavattaro, at that time commander of the (Comsubin) Italian Navy’s special forces incursori, who led a convoy to the first helps to the population of a devastated Firenze. For that act, he was honored with the silver medal. Franco Zavattaro, as civilian, was for many years Chief Commercial Officer at Officine Panerai  in Firenze, and nowadays he is its oldest representative (being Alessandro the second oldest).

The 14 out-of-commerce watches are built for representatives of Italian Institutions and scientists attending the meetings organized by the Comitato Firenze 2016.

  • Functions hh:mm:ss
  • Movement self-winding mechanical (power reserve about 38 hours), 28800 beats/hr, calibre 26mm, 25 rubies
  • Body stainless steel with one golden medal on one side. Dark blue dial with luminous numerals (option: red brown or light blue dial)
  • Crown stainless steel with NB gold medal (18kt)
  • Strap 24 mm
  • Crystal 4mm-thick sapphire
  • Water-proof pressure and water resistant up to 1000 m. The tightness on crown is ensured by 2 O-rings on the shaft and 1 o-ring on the body

Limited Edition: 66 (22 stainless steel and 44 bronze) pieces + 14 out-of-commerce pieces

The Firenze 2016: the standard configuration is with the crown at 9 o’clock, the pictures showing a destro version.